In a recent analysis, Santiment reported that in the short term, Bitcoin (BTC) looks neutral, Ethereum (ETH) has a slight upward trend, and alarm bells are ringing on Aave (LEND) and Mainframe (MFT).

According to cryptocurrency analysis firm Santiment, Bitcoin (BTC) is neutral and Ethereum (ETH) looks positive. The analysis carried out on July 21 recorded that Aave (LEND) and Mainframe (MFT) bear a downward trend.

The company took into account the three-day averages of each asset in three metrics. These are listed as Daily Effective Addresses, NVT Rate, and Volume of Emotion Consumed.

Santiment treats each cryptocurrency with a rating system ranging from 0 to 10. 0 indicates the downward trend, and 10 indicates the extreme point of the bullish trend. The number 5 means that the price will be horizontal.

Based on the above reviews, BTC is neutral with 5.8. Having received 6.5 from the evaluation, ETH has a moderate upward trend with 6.5, while the cryptocurrency coin LEND 2.0 points in the last months. This indicates a drop in LEND. Finally, Mainframe (MFT), which was recorded to have a moderate downward trend, also received 3.7.

With LEND, which is DeFi projects, MFT has had a striking momentum in recent months. LEND experienced a 2000 percent increase from March to a few days ago. Seeing $ 0.375, LEND is being bought and sold at $ 0.275 today and shows a 26 percent withdrawal since this summit. On the other hand, MFT also increased 177 percent between June 14 and June 20, and then lost 20 percent in value.

The company warns that none of these points reflect Santiment’s long-term view.


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