Altcoin Daily host and crypto analyst Austin Arnold lists the best projects to be on his radar in the coming weeks.



Those altcoins

In a new video, Arnold tells 562,000 YouTube subscribers that Ethereum (ETH) is the number one project it is following in the coming period.

The famous analyst emphasizes that the Ethereum team plans to carry out the Berlin update, which includes optimizations for gas fee usage, next month. Crypto analyst, recently Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said he believes the smart contract platform will be ready to scale 100 times in the next few weeks.

Next up is Charles Hoskinson’s smart contract platform Cardano (ADA).

“The truth is, Cardano’s ecosystem is being built… I’m telling you again, Cardano today is very different from Cardano four years ago. We have four years of research and development, we have the transition from Byron to Shelly, now token issuance, smart contracts in a few months, increased user base, higher inflation… Cardano is a coin to watch. ”

Third on the list of the famous analyst is the large capacity Bitcoin fork, Litecoin (LTC), which he says is preparing for the privacy-centric MimbleWimble update. Arnold also notes that the top nine cryptocurrencies by market cap generally perform well in a bull market, claiming that the cryptocurrency may “have the best risk-adjusted return in the coming months”.

Chainlink (LINK) ranks fourth on the analyst’s list. Arnold shares a recent Citigroup report that sheds a positive light on the number one decentralized oracle project.

“A recent report by Citigroup predicted that Chainlink could stand out on Bitcoin… LINK could increase in price as a token in the Chainlink ecosystem as blockchain continues to evolve globally over time.”

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The fifth, sixth, and seventh altcoins on Arnold’s watch list are Polygon (MATIC), Skale Network (SKL), and SushiSwap (SUSHI), all launched on Coinbase this week.

Number eight is Cook Protocol. Aiming to create a unique user-friendly asset management platform, the project was “well-funded” and received support from DuckDAO, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) market maker.

Finally, it recently ranks at number nine in Chiliz (CHZ). CHZ is a non-exchangeable token (NFT) project that has grown tremendously. The CHZ token grew by more than 10,460% during the year.


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