Skybridge Capital’s president and former White House press secretary Anthony Scaramucci says Ethereum (ETH) will become a value asset store.



Prospect for Ethereum

Scaramucci said in an interview with CNBC that as an institutional investor he is mainly focusing on Bitcoin (BTC), but sees big things will happen for Ethereum in the future.

“I think there is a huge market for Ethereum and I predict that Ethereum has good fundamentals and will grow. However, I am in a corporate business. I think like an institutionalist and I have to get my clients to think about cryptocurrency and digital assets. So I focused on Bitcoin as the first step and we now only have one Bitcoin fund. ”

Scaramucci continues to float the idea of ​​owning an Ethereum-focused fund, suggesting that the world’s second largest cryptocurrency could become a store of value.

When it comes to Bitcoin, the billion dollar fund manager emphasizes that he is trying to prepare his clients for a generational change in the financial world.


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