Acer brand, which is well known for its computer models, launched the first 17-inch Chromebook model in the world. Giant computer.



New news from the world of technology continues to come. In these days when the competition continues to increase, new products are also coming to the market. After smart phones and smart watches, now computer models have started to appear. As Apple prepares to launch MacBook models this year, the Acer brand has finally launched its beautiful products. The company, has launched the Chromebook model with a size of 16 inches. In addition, three different new Chromebook models took their places on the shelves.

Acer Launches 17-Inch Chromebook Model

The company, which we know has been working on huge screens for a while, hit the jackpot. Introducing a huge 17-inch Chromebook computer model, the company also launched three different Chromebook computer models. Introducing touch sensing on the 17-inch screen, the company broke new ground with this aspect. Computer models that will be available in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa from the end of this month will have different price tags. The Chromebook 317 will be available for $379, while the Chromebook Spin 713 will be available for $699. Chromebook 314 will be 269 dollars, while the last computer Chromebook 514 will be available for 559 dollars.


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