Headland, the action adventure game developed entirely for mobile devices, is available on Google Play and App Store for iOS and Android devices.

The action adventure game Headland, published and promoted by Northplay, has been released for iOS and Android devices. There is also a trial version of the game.

This game, which was developed by the award-winning Northplay studio, has been developed for about 3 years. The developers of the action adventure game are based on a quality and simple gameplay, and also want to tell you an emotional story. The game, which lasts about 5 hours, also has a trial version. You can try the game for about half an hour after you download the game. If you like, you can buy the game later.

There is also no in-game payment in the game. You can now access the game on App Store and Google Play. The size of the game is approximately 280 MB. You must be using Android 4.4 to install the game on Android devices, and iOS 9.0 or later to install it on iOS devices.

You can find the trailer and store pages of the game below.


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