A junior actress later became a hot topic among South Korean netizens.

The rookie act is named Jo Seung Hee, who is considered to have a beautiful face like SNSD’s Yoona and f (x) Krystal.

Through theqoo site a Korean netizen uploaded photos of the rookie actress while writing, “It’s not just me who thinks she resembles Yoona and Krystal, many other netizens are of the same opinion. He also got a casting offer from the SM Entertainment agency. ”

“Previously he was famous on Instagram when he was a student at Sunhwa Arts School, but it looks like he is now joining Kim Soo Hyun’s agency,” he wrote.

Previously the Gold Medalist agency that overshadowed actor Kim Soo Hyun had indeed released profile photos of the artists, including Jo Seung Hee, who had also joined as an actress at their agency.

Seeing the beautiful face of Jo Seung Hee, other Korean netizens gave comments like:

“It’s like a combination of Seo Ye Ji, Kim Go Eun and Yoona,”

“Her face is too pretty,”

“I think he is similar to Shuhua,”

“Wow, he’s the class of 2002,”

“Oh he looks similar to Seo Ye Ji! Beautiful,”

“The shape of his face does look similar to Yoona’s,” and many other praise comments.

You can see photos of Jo Seung Hee being discussed by Korean netizens below!


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