It’s not uncommon to hear stories about actors praising someone else’s work, but certainly something that may come out of the norm is making a phone call right in the middle of the movie performance.

This week on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, actor Adam Sandler, among other topics, commented on how he felt like calling an actor to tell him how much he liked his work.

“Sonic The Edgehog” was a film that enjoyed very good public acceptance and criticism despite the controversy that led to delaying its release to redesign its release. In it we could see Jim Carrey’s return to comedy when he played the villain Dr. Robotnik.

Sandler says this was the last movie he saw in theaters before quarantine, and since the room was not that crowded, he saw no problem calling his friend.

Sandler comments that the people were scattered, so there were very few in the room, so he felt comfortable laughing out loud.

Both actors share similar origins. Sandler was a regular actor on Saturday Night Live as was Carrey and they both shared credits on the comedy show “MadTV.”


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