Collaborating with two leading motherboard brands, ADATA has come to an end in its efforts to launch DDR5 memory.


ADATA Technology, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash storage products, mobile accessories, gaming hardware and industrial solutions, announced that it is working on new generation DDR5 memory models. The brand has partnered with MSI and Gigabyte to develop new memory that will offer users higher speed, capacity and more bandwidth per processor core, and to achieve full compatibility on new Intel platforms.

Developed by MSI and Gigabyte Collaboration

Within the scope of the development of new memory modules, ADATA cooperates with two leading motherboard manufacturers MSI and Gigabyte, thus aiming to ensure that users who prefer these brands benefit from the performance of DDR5 memory in the best way. For this purpose, companies that carry out research and testing processes together will be able to ensure high performance and stable operation of DDR5 RAMs. In addition, overclocking performance on Intel platforms will be more efficient thanks to these efforts. In addition, all three brands will be introducing DDR5 memory and motherboards compatible with these memories in the same period.

ADATA Product Marketing Director Nick Dai commented on the new product and its cooperation with the two brands as follows: “At ADATA, we have always aimed to advance technology and DDR5 represents the new stage towards this goal. We have never been alone in our steps towards innovation, and today we are delighted to work with two trusted partners, MSI and Gigabyte, and collaborate to bring users the best technology can deliver. ”

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The spread of technologies such as 5G networks, Wi-Fi 6, and the increasing use of multi-core processors require large amounts of data to be processed and transferred quickly. Therefore, ADATA prioritized developing DDR5 RAM modules that offer higher speed, capacity and more bandwidth per processor core to meet this need. The new ADATA DDR5 memory will be capable of up to 8400MT / s (mega transfer) and will offer capacities of up to 64GB. In addition, these new memories, which can save energy up to 1.1V, will also benefit from technologies such as error correction code (ECC) for more stable operation.

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