It is now a known fact that DDR4 is experiencing its last stages. DDR5 kits, which are watched by hardware lovers, will come out with very high frequencies with low voltages.

Nowadays, when we expect news from new platforms with DDR5 support, the manufacturers have started to work on the new RAM standard.

ADATA rolls up sleeves for DDR5
ADATA announced that it started working on the expected DDR5 standard with its announcement. ADATA, working in partnership with Gigabyte and MSI for the best compatibility, also stated that they are currently working on a last generation platform.

ADATA plans to offer 64 GB kits at frequencies up to 8400 MHz, along with DDR5, which is expected to be passed on by Intel’s 12th generation Core processors. In DDR5 RAMs that will support ECC as standard, voltages up to 1.1 volts will be possible.

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