USB problems, reported by more and more users, eventually found response on the AMD side. The company admitted that there was a problem with its new generation motherboards.

It looks like a solution will be offered soon.

Although the red team made a successful debut with the Ryzen 5000 and RX 6000, the hardware that cannot be found in the market continues to annoy the users. On the other hand, users who can acquire new hardware also complain about their problems.

500 series motherboards give a headache
Users gathered on Reddit were finally able to make their voice heard by AMD. The problem many 500 series motherboard owners complain about is due to USB devices.

The disconnection problem is more common when using keyboards, recorders and VR headsets on the 500 series motherboard, especially when VR headsets with high power consumption are connected.

Although it is suggested to reduce the PCIe mode from 4.0 to 3.0 and disable C-States from the BIOS as a solution for now, these methods may not result in all users. Finally, AMD has stated that it will ask users related to the problem for system configurations and log records in the upcoming period.


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