Expanding its range of mobile applications, Adobe launched Photoshop Camera for Android devices and iPhone devices. As the name of the app indicates, it serves as an app for taking pictures and has smart features.

Photoshop Camera democratizes a feature that was previously only available for some cell phone models: the automatic suggestion of filters according to the type of scene that will be captured. The software recognizes the scenes using technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

The user can take the photo with the suggested filter, simply and quickly, but can also test other filters according to his own taste. The cool thing is that the filters can be previewed in real time, that is, without the need to click.

Extra features

In addition to the 80 filters available to apply to the photos, the app allows you to make edits to the images, such as adjusting the exposure, brightness, shadow levels, applying special effects created by artists, as well as allowing the user to create their own effects.

It is also possible to replace the background of a selected object in an image. In this way, the app works as a kind of “all in one”: camera app and image editor.

Other features include controls for portrait photos and sharing photos to the most popular social networks, directly through the app.

Adobe Photoshop Camera is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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