With LG Transparent LED Display, glass surfaces such as showcases and facades of hotels, airports, restaurants and shopping malls are transformed into color screens.

LG Electronics (LG) offers a colorful, transparent LED DISPLAY to the attention of those who want to turn glass surfaces into an advertising and announcement area, regardless of shopping mall, showcase, stop, airport. The innovative LG LED SIGNAGE, which is considered the latest in screen technology and design, once again underlines LG’s title as one of the leading digital display solution providers in the industry, standing out with its excellent image quality and easy installation.

LG SIGNAGE, a self-adhesive film, has 24mm and 14mm pixel pitch. Offering R, G, B 3 in 1 Color Pack, LG LED SIGNAGE has 73% transmittance and 1.100R curvature. The high transparency of LG LED SIGNAGE of 73% ensures that the glass remains visible even after installing the film without adversely affecting the original design. When the LED is OFF, it does not break the integrity of the glass. Applications can be expanded to view the entire video or images where various color combinations are possible.

Easy and Flexible Installation
LG LED SIGNAGE is self-adhesive, allowing it to be easily adhered to the surfaces of existing window glass without the need for any complex structure. The size and placement of the film can be customized to suit the editing area. It can be expanded by adding more film vertically or horizontally, or by cutting parallel to the frame to meet size requirements. Adapting to any environment, LG LED SIGNAGE supports 1,100R Concave / Convex curvature for curved glass or window applications. This allows larger areas to be redesigned as landmarks.

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