The melancholic indie adventure game The Longest Road on Earth experienced a short delay for İOS and Android devices. the game will be released next week.

The release date of The Longest Road on Earth, a melancholic adventure game published by Raw Fury and developed by Brainwash Gang and TLR Games has been postponed.

You can find the game’s store pages, promotional article and trailer below.

About The Longest Road on Earth

The Longest Road on Earth is a highly personal and relaxing story-driven game. Play through songs made up of four short stories with simple mechanics that contain no words. Every story is open to interpretation; What kind of story do the characters and the world around them make for you?

Immerse yourself completely in the game with twenty-four original and touching songs with unforgettable and emotional lyrics from one of the developers.

Avatar The Longest Road release date announced for mobile devices
It will only take you two hours to complete your journey in The Longest Road on Earth universe, and every step you take will be worth it.


Original and sincere soundtrack, theme and lyrics that include the peace and simplicity of life come into existence in the journey presented by The Longest Road on Earth. While not unusual, a story awaits you, filled with feelings, emotions, situations and perspectives that define us humans, our stories and shed light on how we share our lives with each other.


While playing four different episodes that capture the essence of daily life, sections of both meaningful and ordinary moments will pass before your eyes with the nostalgic music accompanying them. Thanks to the game experience that does not contain any dialogue or text, you will be able to share moments taken from time with the characters and make your own comments. Even if the gameplay is short (3 hours), you will be surrounded by the beauty of small and pleasant moments like blowing chicory flowers, collecting seashells, sledding on the first day of winter or riding a bike on a summer’s day on The Longest Road on Earth.


There’s no room for struggles or failures to punish you in The Longest Road on Earth. Players of all ages, obstacles, languages ​​or past experiences can keep up with the simple controls and the calm pace of play.


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