The Post-IDFA Alliance initiative aims to provide training to advertisers on tracking user data, which has become more stringent with iOS 14.

Strict monitoring of the ad-based user data access that Apple provides with iOS 14 worries advertisers. Advertisers who did not want to make mistakes due to Apple’s strict rules started to support each other.

Education platform is established
As is known, with iOS 14, advertisers’ access to user data was linked to strict monitoring. The IDFA component tracks the behavior of users in the application anonymously and offers them to advertisers. So apps can’t access random user data.

On the other hand, it is necessary to request permission when accessing user data for advertising purposes. Thus, the user can see for what purpose the application can access its data in the warning window that appears.

These strict rules will cause a decrease in ad revenue after iOS 14. Many advertisers prefer to spend more on the Android side and follow the iOS developments in the first period.

In addition, IDFA has created a training platform for advertisers about the tracking of data usage and the SKAdNetwork software framework, which generates constantly changing data parameters. The platform created under the leadership of Liftoff is called Post-IDFA Alliance and No IDFA? It offers trainings on transition under the title of No Problem.

Major online advertising platforms such as Fyber, Chartboost and InMobi have joined the PIA initiative. It is aimed to appeal to a wide audience with the webinar style trainings. After the iOS 14.5 update, all the privacy rules we have listed will now be strictly enforced.


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