Apple, which severely restricted the tracking of user data with iOS 14; scared advertisers. For a while, advertisers decided to spend more on the Android network.

The tracking of user data for advertising purposes, which Apple will make available with iOS 14.5, does not only worry giants like Facebook. Advertisers also fear that their income will drop.

Wait and see strategy
The permission tags provided by Apple with iOS 14 and the tracking of advertising user data coming with iOS 14.5 have disturbed a large ecosystem. This ecosystem is of course the advertising ecosystem.

Facebook, which enables ads to be focused by tracking user data and increases the income of advertisers and reflects them to itself, is very uncomfortable with this. The social media giant has started lobbying activities at the congress.

Advertisers, the other part of the ecosystem, are also uncomfortable. Since data tracking will be restricted, less focused ads and therefore less revenue will come. Authorities predict a dip in advertising revenues in the first weeks.

In this regard, advertisers plan to advertise less on the iOS platform and the weight of ad spending is shifted to the Android side. Since Google has not taken a step in this regard yet, ad impressions are still effective.

Advertisers will apply a wait-and-see tactic for a while. With iOS 14.5, decreases in advertising revenues or re-spending will be planned according to normal progress. However, even if there is a decrease, it is stated that advertisers should balance their spending because iOS is a huge ecosystem with more than 1 billion devices and it is not possible for the advertising business to work by focusing on Android alone.


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