There is still no official information on the PlayStation 5, which has been expected for a long time and is expected to go on sale this year. But the games console news on the Microsoft side will be good for the game lovers. Microsoft can promote the affordable game console Xbox Series X version!

Affordable game console Xbox Series X is on the way!
Given the new console announcements, Microsoft is two steps ahead of Sony and has not yet received an official statement from Sony. When Microsoft officially shared the name of the new Xbox and the latest design of the Series X console in December, it attracted attention.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced almost all hardware details on the console and announced several exciting Xbox Series X features in the process. There is no official statement about the event that Sony will introduce PlayStation 5. It is predicted that PlayStation 5 will be delayed due to the Corona virus.

Microsoft is on the agenda with new leaks about Series X. The company is expected to release the affordable Xbox Series X version shortly and the console will be on sale this year. Some previous reports also claim that this affordable console will come under the name Xbox Lockhart. Some recent leaks are that the console might be named Xbox Series S.

Although detailed information is not available, the developer of Void2D and Void3D engines for Xbox Series X, Windows 10 and Switch, suggested that the device will offer 2560 x 1440 resolution instead of 4K support. However, its price is thought to be in the $ 300 band. Although this information has not been clarified yet, it is thought that official announcements will be made by Microsoft in a short time.


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