Microsoft has announced the Windows 10X operating system in recent years. The countdown has now begun for this operating system, which is said to be developed for dual-screen and affordable devices. According to the information received; Microsoft has completed its work on Windows 10X and is preparing to offer it to 3rd party manufacturers.

According to the information transferred; Affordable PCs that will work with Windows 10X will be available in the spring of 2021. Being a light version of Windows 10, 10X does not look like the main version with its features.

Microsoft, which will be good for the manufacturers in licensing, will not tire the hardware because Windows 10X is like the Lite version. In this way, we will be able to see more affordable computers in the market. So, what does Windows 10X offer to Microsoft’s PC industry?

Windows 10X features

A new user experience

Windows 10X includes a new user interface built with modern technologies. This interface can be customized depending on the usage of your device. For example, a user might want to use a foldable PC in several different ways. When the user folds the PC, it can automatically switch to a different interface.

Old items such as Control Panel, File Explorer, and error dialogs and icons are also missing in Windows 10X. In this way, a simpler and simpler experience is offered.

New Start menu

Microsoft is redesigning the Start menu experience in Windows 10X with a focus on productivity. At the top is also a system-wide search bar that can search the web. The list of apps can be customized with the ability for users to rearrange which apps appear in the first few lines.

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A new Taskbar

Windows 10X comes with a new adaptive Taskbar with a centered design. The Start and Task View buttons appear in the middle, and the apps that are running and pinned between the two are here. When you open an application, the Start and Task View buttons spread out slowly, giving the Taskbar a much more fluid look.

Some new animations are also added to the system. For example; The Start and Task View buttons have their own animations when clicked, and a slight animation appears on the app icons when you minimize running apps to the Taskbar.

On tablets, users can now swipe anywhere on the Taskbar to access the Start menu. This makes it easier for touch PC users to access application lists.

New Action Center

In addition to the New Start and Taskbar experiences, there is also a new Action Center. The new design has specific quick actions for greater control without ever leaving the Action Center.

It is also designed to mimic the control center with notifications in a separate box. This new Action Center includes items like volume controls, power options, and battery percentage. There’s also a new music control UI that appears in Action Center when playing music from a supported app.

New setup experience

As every part of Windows 10X has been redesigned, the out-of-the-box experience has also been updated with a modern look. Thanks to the new setup screen, users can easily setup with a simpler interface after reset.

New File Explorer

Since Windows 10X has a modern kernel, older components like the classic File Explorer are no longer available on this system. This means that Microsoft has created a new File Explorer specific to Windows 10X and is built around OneDrive. Thanks to the new File Explorer, users will have a smoother experience.


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