Apple is preparing to launch a new wireless headset model without active noise canceling functionality. The device called AirPods Pro Lite will be affordable.

Sources close to Apple confirmed that the company is working on a more affordable wireless headset that lacks active noise canceling functionality, according to the latest report from Korea-based TheElec. AirPods Pro Lite device will be available for a more affordable price tag.

Apple intentionally delayed its Lite version
The report states that Apple plans to further strengthen its position in the rapidly growing wireless headphone market, and the fully wireless AirPods Pro Lite headphones will be available in the first half of next year. It should also be noted that AirPods Pro Lite are expected to be available at a price about 20 percent lower than the AirPods Pro, which use active noise canceling technology.

It is among the highlights of the report that the tests of the device will begin soon and mass production will begin early next year. While it is stated that Apple plans to launch the AirPods Pro Lite right after the AirPods Pro, the company delayed the release of the Lite version to maximize sales when the demand and popularity of AirPods Pro exceeded expectations.


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