The Afghan government has warned Taleban to extend the 3-day cease-fire decision that will expire Tuesday night, and announced it will release 900 prisoners.

Speaking at the press conference, Afghanistan government National Security Adviser Spokesperson Cavid Faysal said, “It is extremely important to extend the ceasefire period to prevent bloodshed and the Afghan government is ready to extend it.”

The Taleban organization, which continues to clash with the government forces in Afghanistan, announced that it has announced a 3-day ceasefire until midnight due to the Eid al-Fitr.

Taleban signed an agreement with the United States and, in return, made a commitment not to allow terrorist organizations to nest in the country and to end attacks. America, in turn, announced that it would withdraw its troops in the country. However, the problems and clashes with the Afghanistan government, which Taleban says he does not know, continue.

The recent attacks in Afghanistan have been overshadowing the signed agreement.

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