During “Black Lives Matter” protests: In the USA, an African American is again shot dead by police officers – this time in Atlanta. A video of the argument is circulating on Twitter.

USA: Protests by “Black Lives Matter” * after the violent death of George Floyd * by police officer Derek Chauvin *.
Another African American is killed by police officers in Atlanta – Rayshard Brooks was allegedly shot after a clash with cops.
A video of the failed arrest is circulating on Twitter.
Atlanta – The US has its next polarizing case: Again, police officers in the United States have killed an African American. This is reported by the large daily AJC.

According to this, a 27-year-old man was shot in a failed cop arrest in Atlanta. It is said to be the black resident Rayshard Brooks.

Brutal: A video is circulating on Twitter about the incident, which was apparently recorded by eyewitnesses.

Rayshard Brooks: Police officer shot dead in Atlanta?

A young man can be seen on it, who initially fights with policemen and snatches a so-called taser from one of the officers – an electric shock pistol.

The alleged fatality Brooks then flees in a parking lot – a short time later he is dead. According to the report, he was shot by police officers.

Anti-racism protests in the US: Another African American killed by police officers
According to the information, the following happened: The later fatality is said to have fallen asleep in the drive-in of a fast food restaurant at the wheel of his car – allegedly drunk, which is why other customers informed the police.

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This apparently wanted to carry out an alcohol check, against which he is said to have refused. The dispute resulted in Brooks being killed.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said it was launching an investigation into an incident between a man and Atlanta police officers in which the man was said to have died, Twitter said.

Donald Trump is fighting with Black Lives Matter – not just because of the George Floyd case
This is the advice of the independent authority to investigate incidents involving the police. Subsequent protests in Atlanta by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which was founded after the violent death of African American George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin.

Donald Trump and the US government are currently trying to get the anti-racism protests under control – but now the Rayshard Brooks case is polarizing.


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