Victoria 3, Victoria’s new game from Paradox Interactive’s popular strategy game series, was announced. You can find the details in our news.

Victoria 3, the new game of Victoria’s strategy game series, published and developed by Paradox Interactive, has been announced.

Victoria 3, which players have been waiting for a long time, was announced at the Paradox Interactive event held yesterday evening. Unfortunately, the game’s release date has not been announced. However, when the game is released, it will exit for the PC. It will be included in Xbox Game Pass from day one.

You can access the game’s Steam page here. You can also find the trailer and the trailer of the game below.

About Victoria 3

Shape a Glorious Future

Paradox Development Studio invites you to build your ideal society in the exciting and changing chaos of the 19th century. Balance conflicting interests in your community and achieve the position you deserve in Victoria 3, one of the most loved games in Paradox’s history.

The Ultimate Community Simulator

Lead dozens of nations from 1836-1936. Agricultural or Industrial State, Traditional or Radical, Peaceful or Expansionist … The choice is yours.
Detailed population groups with their own economic needs and political aspirations.
Reform your government and constitution to take advantage of new social innovations, or keep the stability of your nation by clinging to tradition against revolutionaries.
Seek transformative new technologies or ideas to improve your national situation.
Deep Economic System

Grow your industry to take advantage of lucrative goods and tax profits to increase national prosperity.
Import cheap raw materials and find new markets for finished products to meet their basic needs.
Secure vital products to nurture the developed economy and control the fate of empires.
Ensure the balance between existing workforce employment and the needs of new types of workers.

Play on the Big Stage

Weave a complex global network of agreements, relations, alliances and rivalries by employing diplomatic tricks to maintain your diplomatic position on the world stage.
Use threats, military skills and bluffs to persuade enemies to back down in combat.
Increase your economic and military power, even at the cost of rivals.
Gain the prestige and respect of your competitors as an industrial giant domestically or by establishing an empire abroad.


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