A Digitimes Research survey revealed that notebooks can become as rare an item as alcohol gel in some regions. According to a new report by the group, the growth in the use of these electronics is faster than production – and the stock can be greatly reduced already this month.

The main reason for the low quantity of products available is the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which affected both the manufacturing sector and the purchase of these devices. On the one hand, the production of components is severely impaired, especially in the Southeast Asia region, with countries with a high concentration of factories still with strict policies of closure or social isolation.

On the other hand, demand has also grown considerably, especially among the corporate and government sectors. After all, entire companies were forced to direct efforts to remote work in a short time, which probably led to large-scale purchases of devices in the industry.

More problems
Another sector that is running against orders and server equipment, since the concentration of activities done in the cloud and work or remote study demand more from specialized companies and their respective data centers.

According to sources consulted by Digitimes, Microsoft and Facebook are the main affected customers: both are expanding activities in the area to supply demand, but they encounter problems with logistics and production. So far, however, there have been no postponements.

As some countries are already studying the gradual reopening of some services, it is possible that the market will return to normal as of June.


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