Wolfram Research’s blockchain subsidiary collaborated with Tezos to make smart contract developments more secure.



A few months after the Cardano integration, DLT project Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) did the same with Tezos. As a result, developers working on blockchain analytics and compute contracts will be able to use the Tezos network.

WBL integrates Tezos

WBL is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions provider that supports the development of a wide variety of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Company, Mathematica, Wolfram | It is a blockchain subsidiary of Wolfram Research, creator of Alpha and Wolfram Language.

He informed that the popular blockchain project, Tezos, is the latest project that is fully integrated into WBL’s DLT ecosystem.

In addition to enabling developers working on analytics and computing contracts to use the XTZ blockchain, the partnership also led to the establishment of a designated oracle that provides Wolfram Alpha data to smart contract developers.

In addition, Tezos used Nomadic Labs’ Mi-Cho-Coq official validation framework to ensure that the oracle shows the same predictable behavior every time.

The statement also emphasized that products using the Tezos blockchain will be “much more secure” due to official verification. This is a process that “verifies the features of a smart contract to help reduce the risks of bugs and other vulnerabilities.”

WBL CTO Johan Veerman commented:

Tezos is an exciting third generation blockchain that includes a range of services and functions that will expand what is available for our developers. We are excited to be working with TQ Tezos on bringing the WBL tools ecosystem to the Tezos blockchain.

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Tezos is following Cardano’s steps

Prior to Tezos integration, WBL partnered with another popular blockchain project, Cardano. In late December 2020, the two sides announced the cooperation, which operates in a somewhat similar way.

WBL began applying Cardano’s DLT data to Wolfram Alpha, allowing developers to integrate external data into smart contracts from Charles Hoskinson’s project.

Other plans included the development of dApps to enable blockchain-based commerce and business model transformation, and the use of some Cardano-specific content in a training course material published by WBL.


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