Ricky Gervais has closed an agreement to collaborate exclusively with Netflix for several years. The first consequence of it has been the renewal of ‘After Life’ for a third season, thus breaking the tradition of Gervais to finish his series after the second.

The news comes just a couple of weeks after the premiere of the second season of ‘After Life’. Gervais himself had already let it fall then that he would not mind doing another one and on Netflix they had to take good note of it. The actor released the following message after announcing the deal:

“I was thinking about retiring soon and hanging around the house drunk until I died, but I got tired of doing that during the lockdown, and Netflix also made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.”

A long-standing relationship
Gervais’ agreement with Netflix includes him producing both series and stand-up specials for the platform. Recall that the collaboration between the two comes from long, giving rise to works such as ‘Special Correspondents’, ‘The Willoughby Brothers’ or ‘Ricky Gervais: Humanity’. Let’s see what surprises us from here on out.

The exact numbers of the deal are unknown, but The Hollywood Reporter notes that it reaches eight figures, making at least part of the $ 10 million. Of course, I would be surprised if it was not higher than that considering the astronomical amounts that Netflix has recently paid in these types of contracts …


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