WhaleAlert determined that the funds stolen in the Bitfinex attack in 2016 continued to be transferred. According to reports, hackers carried many Bitcoins to unknown addresses on June 10.

Hackers transferred the money to 20 different addresses. (transactions ranged from 15 BTC to 33.3 BTC) Some of the recipient addresses also moved the funds to other unknown addresses.

5.1 million dollars moved in 3 weeks

This was the third money transfer carried by hackers from the Bitfinex attack in the last 30 days. Last week, Whale Alert reported that it was transferred and 80.93 BTC was moved to two unknown wallets. ($ 794,852)

On May 21, 30.66 BTC ($ 301,134) was moved to wallets unknown to hackers. This means that the group that stole the funds transferred about $ 5.19 million in the past three weeks.

Bitfinex Loses 119,756 BTC ($ 66M) in 2016 Attack
The cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex lost an estimated 119,756 BTC on August 2, 2016 due to a security breach. Hackers waited three years to mobilize the funds. Although the price of Bitcoin is around $ 600-630, stolen coins are above $ 1.1 billion and the BTC price is now $ 9,821.

Following the news of the attack, Bitcoin price dropped by 22%, but a week later the stock market promised to return to victim customers.

Launched in 2013, Bitfinex is one of the largest trading platforms in the industry.

Crypto Money Hacker is Spreading

According to reports from cyber security firm CipherTrace, around $ 4.5 billion of crypto assets in 2019 melted due to hacking and frauds, and this year more than $ 1.5 billion was lost.

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Fortunately, the cryptocurrency industry is maturing. Stock exchanges and cyber security companies are actively working to protect users and their funds, using rigorous Customer-Information (KYC) requirements and advanced monitoring tools.


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