Age of Empires 2, 21 years after its debut, is known as one of the best strategy games in the game world. The game, which was almost revolutionary at the time it was released, still has a large player base.

The strategy game AOE 2, released by Microsoft in 1999, still has an average of more than 50,000 instant players on Steam.

Age of Empires is in the top 150 with 2 instant players
AOE 2 may be having its best times since its release. Because in the last few months, it has an average of 50,000 instant players. AOE 2 has more than just the biggest rival Heroes 2. The second game of the series is divided into two as Definitive Edition and HD Edition. Although the two are in the store differently, they contain the same game as content.

The total number of instant players in the AOE 2 Definitive Edition and HD Edition versions reached up to 59.955. This figure makes the second game one of the 150 games with the most players in Steam. The fact that a year-old game of a university student can reach this figure in 2020 is a great success.

The game, which meets 4K graphics with Definitive Edition, is still being developed prospectively. We think it will never be late to start this game. How would you know the legend?


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