The agency has responded to news of dating between actor Song Jae Rim and Jiyeon T-ara. Previously the two had reportedly been dating , after being seen driving a car together.

The two also starred in the drama ‘I Wanna Hear Your Song’ last year, so many fans have speculated that the two experienced a love of location.

Now when questioned, Song Jae Rim’s agency said, “They first met in the drama ‘I Wanna Hear Your Song’ last year and both have a hobby of riding motorbikes. They are only close friends as seniors and juniors in the entertainment industry. ”

“On May 17, 2020, Song Jae Rim had a training schedule for motorbike training at the racing circuit located in Taebaek. Because Jiyeon was just starting to follow the hobby, he followed Song Jae Rim there. That’s why they were seen together. ”

“The safe practice circuit is outside the city, that’s why many people misunderstand both,” the agency said.

While Jiyeon’s agency also stated the same thing, “Jiyeon knows Song Jae Rim through drama, and both of them are close friends.”

“It’s true that the two of them went out of town together. Song Jae Rim has ordered a racing circuit located near Taebaek. Jiyeon recently bought a motorcycle and is learning to drive it. When talking about motorbike, he decided to train in the racing circuit with Song Jae Rim. ”

“The motorcycle had been sent before to the racing circuit and both of them went there by car. That is what witnesses saw, ” explained the agency.


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