The coronavirus test application, developed by the Sberbank Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and claimed to have an accuracy rate of 82%, is now available for Android and iOS platforms.

Sberbank Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, together with SberMedII, a member of the Sberbank ecosystem, developed the AI ​​Resp application that analyzes breathing and coughing sounds of a person with COVID-19 specific samples in a minute. The application can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

The AI ​​model that forms the basis of this application has been trained on more than 3,000 anonymized records of COVID-19 patients and has reached 82% accuracy to date.

The user can use the service, for example, after visiting a risky area where they will not feel well, or after contacting someone with COVID-19. You must follow the audio recording technique according to the instructions for the application to work properly. It is also important to say that the application is not a diagnostic test and cannot replace conventional laboratory tests. So remember to consult a doctor if symptoms of COVID-19 occur.

The test takes place in 3 steps:

1- Hold the phone 20-30cm away from your face, cough several times while the timer is running.

2- Hold the phone 20-30cm away from your face, breathe loudly and exhale while the timer is running.

3- Hold the phone 20-30 cm from your face, click on the entry and say the suggested phrase.

Sberbank notes that Google and Apple app stores impose restrictions on developers who mention COVID-19 in the name, icon, and description of apps, so the AI ​​Resp interface deals with respiratory diseases in general. However, it should be noted that the model is trained on breathing and cough samples from patients with COVID-19 and is designed to determine the characteristics of this particular disease.


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