Air charging technology, one of the urban legends in the smartphone market, was a technology that we usually see in limited areas at fairs. The other day, Xiaomi and Motorola officially introduced this technology and announced that it is ready for the end user. Motorola showed us how the technology works with a video it published.



When we looked at the video, it also showed that the system stopped charging when a hand was placed in front of the Motorola charging station. This led to criticism at a certain point, but the statement made by Motorola today revealed that this is a choice. Motorola stated that they prefer to cut off the charge when a person intervenes in order not to endanger human life. So how does this work? Let’s watch the video shared by Motorola.

Let us keep the question marks of this technology about human health. It is obvious that the most important use of this technology will be electric vehicles, not mobile devices. The fact that electric vehicles can be charged from the air may also mean that this technology can be easily used outdoors on highways. These stations can be added to the roadside and the cars can be easily charged while on the road.

In other words, the development of this technology may concern the automobile industry more than mobile phones. What will the next period show us and will we have any problems on the health side? We will see this over time …

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