The company named C-EXO, a manufacturer of ancillary skeleton, has developed a “smart” knee bandage that is activated by air pressure. The bandage with 5 airbags can work for 35 hours when charged.

Various joints can be damaged as a result of various injuries or traumas, and this can be very important for athletes. In various athletes, especially athletes, the knee joint can be injured and there are many auxiliary materials developed and to be developed for this situation.

Now, the company called C-EXO, an auxiliary skeleton manufacturer, has developed a “smart” knee bandage that is activated by air pressure.

Pneumatic bandage
The bandage called E-Knee, or E-Knee, has vertical support bars, and the gel-containing stabilizer covers the knee.

Within the bandage, there are a total of 5 airbags, 2 above the knee joint, 2 below and 1 around the joint. The bandage contains an ARM control chip, a control unit called IMU, an electric pump and a lithium-ion battery.
When the developed bandage is operated, the movements in the knee are continuously detected and the air cushions are inflated or deflated according to the movement of the joint with the warnings sent from the control panel. Thus, it applies support to various parts of the joint with various pressures.

Let’s add that the recently developed bandage weighs 320 gr, can work up to 35 hours when charged, and can be washed by removing the control panel when necessary. Researchers commercialized the new bandage for $ 159 a single piece; it aims to sell the pair at a price of $ 289.


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