Apple’s head-on, which made us say that even in America, there are no such expensive headphones, it almost sold out despite its high price. Apple, whose stocks melted as soon as it was offered for sale and gave the next 10-12 weeks as the new delivery time, still could not satisfy everyone with its price. For those who want to buy more expensive products, Caviar stepped in at this point.



Caviar, the indispensable stop of Russia-based luxury enthusiasts, announced the gold plated version of AirPods Max. Coming in black and white color options, this model is exactly 108,000 dollars. Caviar not only covers the headset with gold, but also covers the crown part with a special leather. The gold-plated headset, which appeals to luxury enthusiasts, naturally does not differ from the main model except for the price.

It should be noted that the AirPods Max revealed that it was unable to cope with high-quality sound certified headphones. So, if you have a FLAC archive at hand, unfortunately, you will not be able to listen fully efficiently with these headphones. Apple only supports the ecosystem hit AAC format. The headset, which does not support anything other than this outdated codec, also has ANC and transparent mode features.


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