AirPods Max Sport on-ear wireless headphones model aims to make the cost a little more affordable with lower usage times and small ear pads.

AirPods Max, which is Apple’s most expensive headphone model, took its place in the markets, while rumors began for a more affordable version. The affordable price means slightly more cropped features.

What will AirPods Max Sport offer?
AirPods Max Sport will have a slightly more sporty design, as the name suggests. While it is estimated that the main lines will be preserved, premium materials will be used in the body part with a little more cost. In this way, it is stated that 384 grams of weight will decrease to 290 grams.

On the other hand, the ear pads will be removable but still small. Finally, it is stated that the battery time will be reduced by a little more than 20 hours. This will result in a price tag of around $ 400.

Apart from that, what kind of optimizations will be regarding the chips and smart case accessories used are eagerly awaited. Apple is expected to unveil the AirPods Max Sport headset in the early summer.

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