Former WWE champion AJ Styles was recently interviewed by the Times Of India portal. During the session, “The Phenomenal One” spoke about CM Punk’s recent comments on social networks and assured that she does not feel respect for him and will not waste her time responding to his “stupidities”.

The altercation between Styles and Punk started when the latter posted the following message on his Twitter profile: “A lot of people betraying themselves. When people tell you who they are, believe it. It may be awkward or disappointing if you are a follower of that person or if it’s your grandmother, but screw him. Goodbye! I give up my time, screw you. ”

One fan replied to Punk by writing “Right? Silence says it all. Seeing AJ Styles promote live broadcasts and those shit but not bothering to post anything that makes it clear how he feels … It’s been hard to stop following him. ” Before the history of the fan, Punk wrote “Come on. That has been obvious for years,” although this tweet has already been deleted.

In his interview with Times Of India, Styles stated the following: “I’m not going to react at all to something that comes from a guy I don’t respect in any way. It doesn’t really matter. Look, my work as a fighter is to fight and get the fans to disconnect from everything that is happening in the world. I am not going to react to people saying ridiculous and stupid things “.


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