Akiva Goldsman, who wrote the screenplay for the series adaptation of the award-winning sci-fi novel Ringworld, announced that he will be directed by Alan Taylor, who is known for his productions like Game of Thrones and Thor: The Dark World.

Following the publication of Larry Niven sci-fi novel called Ringworld in 1970, Fate of the Worlds novels he wrote with The Ringworld Engineers in 1980, The Ringworld Throne in 1996, Ringworld’s Children in 2004 and Edward M. Lerner in 2012. published. The book Fate of The Worlds also serves as the sequel to four books in the Fleet of Worlds series set in the Known Space universe in Ringworld books.

Ringworld tells the story of Louis Gridley Wu, who celebrates his 200th birthday in the distant future when technology is advanced. Bored with his own birthday party, Wu accepts an offer to join a young woman and two aliens on a thrilling journey to learn the mysteries of the ring beyond Known Space and explore Ringworld.

Screenwriter and producer Akiva Goldsman, who worked on the scenario of Ringworld’s TV series adaptation, said Alan Taylor would direct the pilot episode, but it was not clear when the filming would begin. He pointed out that Ringworld preparations have been continuing since September 2017.

Akiva Goldsman: “Known Space is a Massively Complex and Fine Universe.”
The Amazon shoot had allocated a large budget for The Lord of the Rings series and Wheel of Time adaptation, which was stopped due to the coronavirus epidemic. Amazon is also preparing to introduce remarkable series such as Underground Railroads and Utopia to the audience.

Akiva Goldsman appears to be sure of Ringworld’s potential to attract genre fans. “I don’t know what Amazon is looking for, but if you go back to The Man in the High Castle, they seem to love big and wide-ranging ideas. I think there are a few of these vast universes, and I think Known Space is definitely one of those of us who were fans of Larry Niven when he was in high school. The universe created by Niven is enormously complex and sophisticated, and Ringworld has become an entry point for this universe. Minds better than mine tried to reach him, but I hope we will succeed this time. ” used expressions.

Alan Taylor, who directed 7 episodes of the Game of Thrones series, also directed the series like The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Deadwood, Carnivale, Oz, Six Feet Under, Rome, Big Love, Boardwalk Empire, Bored to Death and In Treatment. He also has his signature under The Many Saints of Newark, which will be released in 2021, which tells the story of Thor: The Dark World in 2013, Terminator: Genisys in 2015 and The Sopranos.


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