Alfonso Obregón News: The voice actor has been hospitalized for health problems although he is stable


Alfonso Obregón is one of the best known voice actors in the world. One of the best known characters of him has been the protagonist of Shrek. Although, he has not been the only one. He is also a well-known actor in the anime world as in Naruto, series in which he voiced Kakashi, the ninja master.

According to a Facebook post on July 14, Shrek’s voice shares that he is hospitalized, so his acting classes have been canceled until further notice. However, he mentions that he is stable and well. Hopefully this hospitalization does not represent any danger.

The career of Alfonso Obregón, the voice of Shrek

The work that he did as Shrek, is one of the most memorable of him for the characterization of him. This animated film from Dreamworks combines different fairy tales in a fantasy world. But what made this production memorable was his humor. Alfonso Obregón knew how to deliver hundreds of memes, laughs and jokes that have become popular in Latin America.

But, Shrek has not been the only character of him known for his characteristic humor. He has also voiced the zebra Marty from Madagascar, Ren from The Ren Show, and Stimpy, among many others. Hopefully soon, the great teacher Alfonso Obregón will be able to teach again and give us more of his acting talent.


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