Alienware has been releasing an AMD-powered model for the first time since 2007.Dell has announced two new gaming-focused gaming laptops.

The striking feature of the Dell and Alienware laptops on offer is that they offer options up to the Ryzen R9 5900HX processor. Let’s also underline that Alienware was the last to introduce an AMD-based gaming laptop in 2007.

The two new laptops come with the Alienware m15 as the Dell G15 and come with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs along with Ryzen 5000 chips. Another prominent feature is that the laptop has a user-upgradable 3200 MHz memory.

The Alienware m15 also comes with the new Cherry MX keyboard, which was announced by Dell a few weeks ago and offers RGB lighting per switch. The price of the model, which will be sold in the USA on April 20, starts from $ 1,794. Dell also has a G15 with 10th generation Intel processors on April 13, while the Ryzen model will be released on May 4. Prices for both models start at $ 890.

Dell will also launch several new monitors. The Dell 25 Gaming Monitor has a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. Some curved monitors are also on the way, such as the QHD 165 Hz Dell 27 and Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitors. The Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor also offers WQHD resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate and more. The Dell 25 Gaming Monitor and Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor will be available on May 27, while the Dell 27 and Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitors will be available on June 22. Prices will be announced later.


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