Over 200,000 #ALIVE movie tickets have been sold on its first day at the box office in South Korea.

Specifically, 204,093 tickets have been sold, representing a large increase in ticket sales compared to the other leading box office movie in the post-COVID-19 era, Intruder, of which 49,583 tickets were sold in the day of its premiere. To date, 522,921 Intruder tickets have been sold, a figure that is likely to exceed #ALIVE this weekend.

In addition, #ALIVE has become the second movie that has sold the most tickets during its first day at the box office in 2020. It is only surpassed by The Man Standing Next, which premiered in January and of which 252,058 tickets were sold on the day of its release. premiere.

#ALIVE’s ticketing success is a relief to the South Korean film industry.


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