Headphone technology has had a great revolution in recent years. Thanks to its ANC, active noise canceling feature, the musical experience has been enhanced. Huawei managed to take place among the companies that include active noise blocking feature in a short time. So, what is the popular ANC feature? What does it offer to users?



What is ANC?

The ANC feature is essentially a process that eliminates unwanted ambient noise by identifying unwanted sound waves and creating precisely inverted signals to neutralize the original sound, thereby reducing distracting background noise to the greatest possible extent.

ANC is the most familiar type of noise canceling and is mostly used in on-ear headphones. This technology has become so small and battery efficient that it can now be used in true wireless earbuds. The system is based on microphones that listen to sounds inside and outside the headset, an ANC chipset that reverses sound waves, and a speaker inside the headset that cancels out external noise with neutralizing sound waves.

As of now, Huawei has released a number of wearable devices with ANC technology to deliver optimum noise reduction performance. These devices include FreeBuds Pro, FreeLance Pro, FreeBuds 3i, FreeBuds Studio models.

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Stand out among these models, FreeBuds Pro offers the best noise canceling performance ever in an audio product with an industry-leading noise cancellation rate of 40 dB. The Chinese technology giant also supports this feature with its software. Thanks to this software, different modes are offered to users.


What are the modes of Huawei active noise canceling?

Intelligent Dynamic Mode: The headset automatically adjusts the appropriate noise reduction mode according to external noise.

Comfort Mode: In a quiet environment like bookcases, this feature helps you reduce the noise of weather, computers and other machines to the right degree of noise reduction that is comfortable and natural.

Standard Mode: Developed when you are on the street or in a cafe and to stay away from noise and immerse yourself in music and games.

Ultra Mode: When boarding an airplane or subway, this feature effectively reduces intense low-frequency noise. This mode is highly preferred for absolute silence.


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