Huawei, which introduced a dozen products yesterday, June 2, has become the center of attention of the world. Here are videos of brand new products.


In fact, we have talked about the new products of the Huawei brand many times in the news we have been making for months. The company, which introduced a series of new products yesterday, June 2, continues to achieve successful works. The highly anticipated HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system was undoubtedly the most anticipated innovation. The Chinese technology giant, which launched its new smart watch, as well as the operating system that was launched yesterday, is defying Android on the one hand and Apple on the other. The company, which was also in our news this morning, claimed that the new operating system would be used by more than 40 brands.

Introducing the Watch 3, MatePad Pro and HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system at the launch yesterday, the company managed to sit on the agenda of the whole world. In addition to these products, the company also talked about the new headphone model, FreeBuds 4 and MateView monitors, and managed to make a loud noise as soon as June entered.

Huawei New Products Introduced

In this news, we shared the promotional videos of the event for users who missed the developments. The company, which introduced its different products during the event, was on the agenda both in our country and in the world, let us state that it intimidated its competitors with its new products. Below are the videos of the company, which is expected to make a name for itself with smart watch, tablet, monitor and headset models. It is possible to learn a lot about new products by watching the videos.


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