It is now possible to download the first beta of the new operating system for Android smartphones. And these are its novelties.

A little later than usual around this time, the global pandemic we are experiencing has delayed everything, including the presentation of Android 11. In fact, it was scheduled for last week, but the sad racist events that occurred in the United States and the entire world led Google to delay the implementation of the system for a week. But it is now available to download, you can already try the first beta of Android 11 if you have a compatible mobile.

It is clear that in terms of news and improvements, the new SO will bring a lot. But for now, with the beta and according to Google, these are some of its news:

All notifications gathered

To facilitate and simplify communication on your phone, Android 11 will transfer all your conversations from the different messaging applications to an exclusive space in the notifications section. This will make it easy to view, reply to, and manage all your conversations in one place. You can bookmark a conversation to give it preference and never miss an important message. These key conversations will always be shown on your screen and can even appear with Do Not Disturb mode activated.

Bubbles function

Android 11 also includes Bubbles, a new feature that helps you answer and participate in important conversations without having to toggle what you are doing with the messaging application. You can open a bubble to continue the conversation directly from the notification screen and multitasking without missing a thing.

Also, when you use Gboard on Android 11, the keyboard will automatically suggest text and emojis as you type. This is possible thanks to the intelligence of the device that takes advantage of Federated Learning, a resource that “works without Google seeing anything you write.”

Simplified control of smart devices

Seeking to be more efficient in the field of smart devices – bulbs, refrigerators, curtains or electronic locks that you have installed at home – Now you can quickly and easily access and control all your smart devices in one place by pressing the button for a while. ignition. Adjusting the temperature, turning on the lights or opening the front door is now possible with a simple click without having to open more applications.

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The mobile as a digital pocket

The device controls will appear along with other functions that are necessary quickly and easily, such as payment methods or a boarding pass (when we can travel again). According to Google, the idea is to conceive the system as a digital ‘pocket’ for your wallet, keys and more. In addition, Android 11 introduces new multimedia controls that will make the option of changing the device on which the audio or video is played “faster and more comfortable. Now it’s easier to play your music everywhere whether it’s on your headphones, speakers or even on your television. ”

More privacy: Unique Permissions

Each version of Android brings new privacy and security controls that decide how and when data is shared on a device. Android 11 features even more secure controls for more delicate permissions. With unique permissions, you can allow applications to access the microphone, camera or location each time it is used, that is, the next time the application needs access to these sensors, it will have to request permission again.

In addition, if the application has not been used for a period of time, all the permissions associated with it will be ‘automatically reset’ and the user will be notified about it. You can always give the app permissions again the next time you open it.

Screenshot, new interface

Android 11 brings other new functions to your smartphone in which no details have been entered at the moment, but we list them below:

  • A screen capturer
  • An update to voice access
  • Improved system performance
  • A renewed interface that will make it easier to share content from the phone.

You can find many of these features in the Beta version available today on Pixel 2+ phones and other devices in the coming weeks. If you have a mobile compatible with the first beta of Android 11, this is how you can download it.


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