Social media giants announced that Facebook and Instagram have allowed their users to block political ads related to the 2020 US Presidential Elections in order to prevent information pollution and maintain a neutral policy.

After the implementation, which took effect in the United States on Wednesday, these two platform users had the right to close paid advertisements of political party and presidential candidates.

Users will be able to enter the “advertisement options” section of both platforms and change the relevant settings.

Prior to the application announced on Tuesday, Facebook and its Instagram executives were subject to intense criticism of social media users, as political ads were frequently featured on the platforms.

Demand for Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden to post to Facebook’s chief executive (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg after the fact checking of the truth of US President Donald Trump’s discourses has not been met for a long time.

In a post-development announcement, Facebook announced that the application of the platforms was “the most extensive selection information study in US history”.

“Facebook not only prevents voters from being pressured, it increases enrollment and participation by raising awareness and encourages voters to vote,” CEO Zuckerberg wrote in USA Today. used expressions.

Underlining that they will not treat anyone exceptionally, Zuckerberg said, “There are rules we set against any kind of discourse against physical harm and voting.” said.

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Information pollution limitation from Twitter to Trump

This practice of Facebook brought to mind problems such as setting the environment for information pollution in the 2016 US Presidential Elections won by Donald Trump and allowing foreign elements coming from abroad to influence voters in the country.

Another social media giant Twitter, last month, restricted US President Trump’s message content on the grounds that it caused information pollution, and went on to label some applications as a warning.


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