Google’s roof company Alphabet has reportedly developed a device that will give the user superhuman hearing abilities. Details of the project named Wolverine are in our news.

Google’s parent company Alphabet is working on a device that will give people “superhuman” hearing abilities. The code name of the secretly executed project is Wolverine. Obviously, the company was inspired by the comic book hero Wolverine, who had an excellent hearing when choosing this name.

The company is currently focusing on technology to distinguish sounds in a crowd. He explores how to isolate a particular person’s speech when there are many human voices in the environment and focus only on that person’s speech.

Prototypes produced
It is stated that the project started in 2018, and several prototypes of the device have been produced since then. However, since it contained a large number of microphones and sensors, the first versions were large enough to cover the entire ear. It is stated that the latest prototype created is very compact.

It is stated that a large number of experts have participated in the Alphabet team, including Starkey Hearing Technologies and Eargo employees, who develop hearing aids. If the Wolverine project succeeds, we can see Google-branded devices on the market that increase the hearing abilities of the human ear to an extraordinary level in the future.


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