If we know Amazfit for something, it is for its different models of smart watches and sports bracelets. However, the brand is not limited to that but also has other wearables in our catalog. The last one is most curious: headphones that instead of being used to listen to music reproduce sounds to concentrate or sleep.

Huami has decided to spread the headphones through an Indiegogo campaign in which, unsurprisingly, they have far exceeded the initial funding objective. Currently the target is reached 1,303% and there are still 29 days to go until the end of the campaign, which is when production will start and put it on sale.

Relaxing sounds instead of music and a clear commitment to ergonomics

All the design and development of the Amazfit has focused on using them in a different way than we use ordinary wireless headphones. Its main use will be to isolate us from outside noise (passive and non-active noise cancellation) and thereby improve concentration or sleep. They remind the Knops in a way.

Therefore, the main use of these Amazfit ZenBuds is at night while we sleep. It is a matter of putting them on and starting to play a series of relaxing sounds available in the official app. The app allows you to set a timer to stop playback, but you can also stop it when it detects that you have fallen asleep. Otherwise they will also continuously play those sounds continuously throughout the night. It also has an alarm to wake us up at a certain time.

Without neglecting sleep, the headphones also have sleep monitoring thanks to the integrated accelerometer. The app seems to collect data from the different phases of sleep like a bracelet or smart watch. They even collect heart rate.

And how is it to wear headphones while we sleep? Amazfit indicates that with ZenBuds there will be no comfort problem thanks to its design. They are really light with 1.78 grams in each handset. It also comes with different silicone covers to use the one that best fits our ear. From the official images, the earpiece seems to fit inside the ear without protruding and becoming annoying.

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Amazfit ZenBuds will measure your heart rate

Another interesting use that Amazfit mentions is at work or in situations where we need to concentrate and there are external noises. The official app also has a timer that will play sounds to apply the pomodoro technique to focus on tasks. Likewise, it allows you to play notifications that reach the phone.

If we go to its autonomy, the brand says that each charge allows a total of 12 hours of autonomy. It is not clear what intensity of use they are given in those 12 hours. If the relaxing sounds are played continuously, the autonomy is reduced to 8 hours, but in any case, it seems that they will not have problems using it for a whole night. The total autonomy of the headphones in conjunction with the charging box is “8 nights”, whatever that measure means.

Price and availability of Amazfit ZenBuds

In general, the Amazfit ZenBuds headphones are presented as an interesting idea for those who want to try to sleep better by isolating the noise from the outside (or adding relaxing sounds). As long as you keep in mind that they are not normal headphones since there is no way to play music or other audios from outside the app. They also do not allow monitoring of activity or heart rate if it is not while sleeping.

The first shipments of Amazfit ZenBuds are expected to be made in September this year. As for its final price, they indicate that it will be $ 149. But of course, participating and financing the campaign on Indiegogo can be obtained in versions for $ 69 and $ 81 (with an eye mask to sleep on). They also offer multi-unit packs at a lower price.


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