Corona virus effects continue to wreak havoc on the world. Many people are uncomfortable because the virus is easily transmitted. For this reason, many websites claim to be selling products that are claimed to be effective against the virus. He acted against these products, which he said was anti-corona virus.

The virus that emerged in China has caused 2,238 people to die. Moreover, it manifested itself not only in China, but in many regions of the world. The virus was last seen in Iran and 5 people died.

Amazon corona virus scrutinized its products
People experience psychological breakdown due to quarantines in China. People who are not infected and feel lucky try to take some precautions. Mask, hygiene items, etc. People trying to protect themselves with products are focused on e-commerce sites.

Some websites have started to sell products that power people against the corona virus. These products, which are fake and intended to deceive people, were also very popular in Amazon. Store owners selling their own products on Amazon made a lot of income with such products.

Amazon also acted against this deception. Fake products that claim to protect people against the corona virus will no longer be available for sale on Amazon.

When looking at these products, there are hand cleaners, surgical masks and spray that allegedly killed the corona virus. It is also written that some products are approved by the World Health Organization. However, WHO does not have such a decision.


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