Amazon announced the crowdfunding platform Build It. With this platform, the company aims to bring its own products to life.

Amazon decided to enter the crowdfunding market by launching its Build It platform. The company’s own concepts will be presented, which will turn into commercial products in case of interest from users.

Build It currently has three products: a smart cuckoo clock, Alexa-powered smart scale that provides nutritional advice to the user, and a thermal printer for printing notes.

Products that make life easier
The cuckoo clock costs $ 79.99. They have LED lamps and built-in speakers. There’s also Alexa support that allows you to voice timers, alarms, and more. There are several beeps for you to choose from. The watch will sync with the Echo device and be able to automatically switch to daylight saving time.

The note printer costs $ 89.99. The user just needs to tell what to print. Later, the device will be able to output the desired notes using the speech-to-text function. In addition, because it uses thermal technology, there will be no need for ink.

Crowdfunding will take 30 days, and all three products will be available for pre-orders by March 19.


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