Amazon News: Shopping giant Amazon has asked Apple to remove the app that detected fake reviews. The Cupertino firm couldn’t break Amazon.


Fakespot, an app that analyzes comments on Amazon’s site to identify fake reviews, is no longer available to iOS users. Amazon convinced Apple to remove it from the App Store, and they officially colluded. According to Amazon, the app provides misleading information and potential security vulnerabilities. Moreover, the e-commerce giant claims that Fakespot injected its code into Amazon’s website. This so-called theory allows the app to collect data and compromise sensitive customer information, including credit card numbers.

Amazon and Apple colluded

“The app provides customers with misleading information about our vendors and their products, harms our vendors’ business, and poses a potential security threat,” the shopping giant said in a statement. We appreciate Apple reviewing this app for App Store guidelines.” used the phrases.

Saoud Khalifah, founder and CEO of the company that published Fakespot, admitted that the program collects some user data. The CEO states, however, that the company does not sell this information to third parties. It also denies Amazon’s claim that the app is a security risk.

Amazon claims it violates App Store policies. One of them says that an app viewing the content of a third-party service needs permission. Apple did not provide a statement explaining exactly why the Fakespot app was removed from the store. However, an Apple spokesperson said that the company reached out to Fakespot a few weeks before removing the app and gave Fakespot and Amazon time.

It is not yet known what happened between Apple and the shopping giant, and that Fakespot, which detected fake comments, was removed from the App Store. Probably this application will not take its place in the store again.


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