Dell Canada accidentally uncovered the price and features of AMD EPYC Milan processors.While Dell Canada listed several Zen 3 parts as processor options for the dual-socket 1U system, it also mistakenly disclosed its specifications and prices.

It appears that the Dell PowerEdge R6525 rack server is already available with AMD EPYC Milan chips.

In terms of similarities, Milan will keep the same configuration as Rome. Chips will come with eight compute dies and one I / O die. Server processors will still be maximized to 64 cores, but significant upgrades will also be offered. AMD has switched to Zen 3 microarchitecture for Milan and TSMC’s 7nm + process node will be used. Zen 3 alone will push Milan far ahead in terms of performance, as microarchitecture has worked wonders for AMD’s consumer-focused Ryzen 5000 series.

Milan fits seamlessly into SP3 socket. Therefore compatibility will not be an issue even for previous generation motherboards. Milan is expected to operate within 120W to 280W thermal limits and provide the same features as Rome, such as eight-channel support for DDR4 and PCIe 4.0.

The EPYC 7763 is one of AMD’s expected 64-core EPYC Zen 3 chips. This model specifically has a 2.45 GHz base clock, 256MB L3 cache and 280W TDP. The EPYC 7763 will also be only 6.2 percent more expensive at Dell Canada’s pricing compared to the current EPYC 7H12.

EPYC 7713 shows the same features as the current EPYC 7662. EPYC 7713 also has a price tag 16.7 percent higher than the EPYC 7662. On the other hand, the EPYC 7543 appears to have a 100 MHz lower clock speed than the EPYC 7542. However, this will not affect the performance of the EPYC 7543, as Zen 3 leads to some significant IPC gains. In addition, the EPYC 7543 has twice the L3 cache compared to the EPYC 7542.

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The processors listed by Dell show price increases ranging from 6.2 percent to 16.7 percent. In this case, we cannot say that Milan processors cost more than Rome in general.

Finally, let’s note that you can also take a look at all the features of the third generation AMD EPYC Milan processor, which was recently approved by ExecutableFix.


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