Although the red team’s introduction of the RX 6700 XT is quite important, the players expect more important news from the company. The expected scaling technology can be widely applied.

Nvidia’s DLSS technology has now reached a level that will affect the purchasing choice of users. The AMD wing, on the other hand, has not taken a concrete step yet.

Cross-platform scaling technology is on its way
According to Linus Sebastian’s post, AMD is preparing in the background. According to Linus, AMD aims to make its scaling technology cross-platform compatible to work on consoles before introducing Fidelity FX.

With the introduction of the RX 6000, the question of why a DLSS alternative technology was not offered has been asked by the players for a long time, but there is no step from the red team to eliminate the question marks. Considering the difference between DLSS 1.0 and 2.0, AMD may also want to deliver scaling technology in a mature way.


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