It was stated that the decision was made for Computex 2020 from the big brands. “Computex 2020 when” questions were also asked for the event, which is among the world’s leading technology fairs. The event was postponed from the scheduled dates of June 2 and June 6, and was withdrawn to September 2020.

Previously, many events were canceled due to the corona virus outbreak. After that, companies started to promote their new products online.

Decision not to participate in Computex 2020
International events continue to be affected after the corona virus outbreak that has affected the world. Computex, which decided to postpone while most of the events was canceled, is said to still not be editable. It is stated that leading processor and video card brands will decide not to participate in the event.

After the summer months, it was said that the virus epidemic decreased so that international events could be organized. However, it seems that some companies are still afraid of the epidemic.

It is stated that the Computex 2020 fair will not be held with the participation of these brands, namely Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. Because it is stated that the event organized without the previous companies in this field will not attract attention. If all was well, the event would take place in Taiwan in the first days of June.

Previously, leading computer and equipment manufacturer MSI has announced that it will not participate in the event. On the other hand, another leading company, ASUS, is said to be interested in attending the event.

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Companies that do not participate in the event are expected to promote their new products by conducting an online promotion event.


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