The hardware world has been complaining about the stock shortage for months. The statement from the companies gave hope to those who plan to buy a new video card. It seems that the problem will be fixed soon.

The AMD and Nvidia wing offered highly competitive solutions last year. The cards that attract attention with their performances, however, remained only with this. Users still can’t get the cards they want.

According to the interview, AMD will increase its RTX 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT sales through its site during the current year. The Nvidia wing advised users not to expect MSRP level prices in the current quarter.

‘There is no production problem, there is a demand explosion’
The green team also announced that they expect to reach sufficient stock by the end of the current quarter. Finally, Nvidia insists on the claim that the graphics card prices, which are still not sincere by the users, are due to the demand that they encounter much higher than the expected demand.


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